The Hypervigilant Saboteur

One of the most relevant and powerful topics we explore in our Mental Fitness Bootcamp is around the hypervigilant saboteur – it’s one of nine saboteurs we work to break down. This one, in particular, is very relevant to many of our clients. In less than 15 minutes, the video below explains why constant anxiety […]

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How Strong Boundaries Improve Work Relationships

On the surface, relationship boundaries may not seem immediately relevant in a professional setting. However, a lack of boundaries is behind many common challenges people face at work. Learning what boundaries are and how to set them in your work relationships is a skill that can greatly improve your effectiveness at work, especially if you […]

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Twenty Life Purpose Questions

As we enter a New Year, there’s a certain pressure that builds around us to set clear goals for ourselves and become one step closer to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Particularly as we leave 2020 and all its challenges behind, we have heard from more and more people struggling to find meaning and purpose in […]

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