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Business Growth for Introverts

Business Growth for Introverts

Most selling systems are designed for people who have a lot of energy and enjoy reaching out to new people as a regular part of their daily work. The Business Growth for Introverts program is uniquely designed for quieter professionals who want to increase their client base without using manipulative or draining techniques. This is a 3-12 month program that can be taken with a group, customized for your team, or included in a personalized coaching program with Nahid.

This program helps business owners overcome the following challenges:

  • Finding yourself avoiding sales and marketing activities even though you want more customers
  • Feeling awkward or uncomfortable when it comes to making offers or discussing price
  • Have taken sales workshops or classes and not put the recommendations into action
  • Struggle with confidence when it comes to giving an elevator pitch or sharing your value proposition

Business Growth for Key Outcomes

Design a business development system that is based on your core values and lines up with your personal style

Get support, including scripts and preparation tools for any conversations that feel uncomfortable

Learn the psychology behind common obstacles to selling, such as fear of rejection, and get tools to overcome them

Systemize your sales activities so they are easy to fit into daily routines and become as automatic as habits

Ongoing support and encouragement as you build your business at your pace and on your terms

How to Sign Up or Learn More

Contact Nahid directly at 714-931-2133 or to learn more about this program and schedule a free consultation.

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