Boundaries Bootcamp

Boundaries Bootcamp

How to get more of what you need from your personal AND professional relationships while reducing your stress, triggers, and reactiveness.

When it comes to productivity and happiness, our relationships can make all the difference in the world. However, we tend to focus on tasks and systems because they are often much easier to understand and navigate than people. In this 12-week bootcamp we will take a deep dive into learning what makes people tick when it comes to interactions and provide a roadmap to get more of what you need in your work and personal relationships, with far less stress.

In our 12-week Boundaries Bootcamp, we will explore:

  • What makes people listen to you as opposed to getting defensive or brushing off your perspective?
  • What causes people to get triggered and react, and what can you do to turn things around and resolve issues when things get tense?
  • How do you bring up tough issues that feel awkward?
  • How do you handle drama that gets in the way of productivity?
  • How do you protect yourself from people who drain you?

You will learn how to set strong boundaries and train others not to cross them, even those difficult people who have consistently poked at you, disrespected you, or exhausted you over time. The process we use is simple once you understand it and can be applied to difficult people at work and at home. It will help to strengthen positive relationships and gain you more cooperation and collaboration in all the groups of people you work with.

This Program Includes:

12 weeks of live, 1-hour weekly group classes with Nahid

$850 per person

Program Details

This bootcamp consists of 12 weekly, hour-long virtual group coaching sessions.

Date Topic Description
Week 1


Orientation and Program Overview The first session will include an overview of the program and an orientation of how we will work together.
Week 2 Relationship Dynamics Learn how we naturally react to each others’ stress in relationships, and what is required to change the dynamic.
Week 3 Boundaries Part 1 Learn about the importance of knowing your “rules”. You might be surprised at some of the rules you are “allowed” to have in any relationship!
Week 4 Boundaries Part 2 Learn how to communicate your rules across your relationships without backlash.
Week 5 Boundaries Part 3 Get clear on how you will execute consequences in a realistic and doable manner, and get plenty of support and examples to build your confidence.
Week 6 Needs Part 1 Discover the critical role your needs play and identify your own most important needs.
Week 7 Needs Part 2 Develop strategies to get your needs met, including the internal key that gives you far more control than you might think!
Week 8 Needs Part 3 Set up a system that you can easily and consistently practice to get your needs met on a regular basis, and notice how this impacts your relationships!
Week 9 Beliefs and Boundaries Find out how your beliefs impact boundary setting and what to do to increase your success.
Week 10 Beliefs and Relationships Discover how your beliefs impact your relationships and how to change relationship dynamics over time.
Week 11 Final Project No class – this is a time to work on your final project.
Week 12 Final Project and Capstone In our final session, we’ll review our final projects and share our key takeaways.

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