The Introverted Leader

The Introverted Leader

TIntroverted Leaderhe Introverted Leader program is uniquely designed for quiet leaders who want to be more effective in their roles without feeling like they have to change their personality. This is a 3-12 month program that can be taken with a group, customized for your team, or included in a personalized coaching program with Nahid.

This program helps introverted leaders overcome the following challenges:

  • Feedback that your team is not connected with you
  • Feedback suggesting you should be more aggressive, assertive, or engaging
  • Handling people constantly pulling for your time and energy drains you by the end of the day
  • Discomfort or frustration when it comes to feedback conversations
  • Constant strain of balance between uninterrupted work time and time supporting your team
  • Frustration at the need to address visible conflicts among team members

The Introverted Leader Key Outcomes

Learn how to leverage introversion by playing to your strengths

Strong boundaries that allow you uninterrupted time to focus while also responding to your team

Mentoring strategies that guide and empower your team

Communication strategies that give you a strong but authentic voice and brand within your organization

Systems and processes that support continuous improvement and address issues before they become problems

How to Sign Up or Learn More

Contact Nahid directly at 714-931-2133 or to learn more about this program and schedule a free consultation.

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