NAHID Coaching & Mentoring

We work with corporate leaders, small business owners, aspiring professionals and everyone in between to enable growth personally and professionally. Our coaching and mentoring programs are both immediate and practical, leading to clear, concise and actionable steps toward success.


“I’ve worked other coaches and there is no one like Nahid! Her years of experience and insights set her apart. She helps you understand why you are where you are in your business or personal growth and then she helps you see your next steps that will help you move to the next level.” Read more

Angela Bland – Independent Cabi Stylist & Team Leader

“Nahid walked me through practical exercises to get me the clarity I needed, choose my priorities, and develop back up plans to cover worst case scenarios. By the end of our conversations I always felt more clear, calm and confident, ready to take on the next challenge.” Read more

Valerie Cobb – CSO, Bayshore Systems, Inc.

“Nahid’s constant support has been invaluable in helping me build clarity, focus, and confidence, despite the inevitable self-doubt that comes from stretching outside of what your current resume says about you.” Read more

Frank Kotch, Business Development Manager- The Reynolds Group, Environmental Consulting

“Nahid has been my coach through several leadership positions, and one of the most important changes I have experienced as a result of our work is an ability to handle difficult people in my life far more effectively, and with far less stress.” Read more

Patricia Sobczak, PhD – Founder, Celebrate Now!

“My Aspire group was like my board of directors when it came to evaluating ideas, confronting challenges and overcoming issues facing the organization.” Read more

Mark Tyssee – MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment



How to Benefit from Bad Experiences

We all experience our fair share of annoying, unexpected obstacles and decisions that need to be made throughout the day, disrupting what we intend to be a productive and smooth flow of work. While these types of interruptions generally cannot be avoided (and tend to arise at exactly the wrong time), there is a strategy for turning them into a more...

Understanding & Leveraging Your Strengths

Our latest blog post highlights the power of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and how it can be a gamechanger in your relationships, career and business. You’ll read about how my personal assessment uncovered strengths I didn’t even realize qualified as such, and learn how once you have these insights, you can leverage them to increase...