Aspire Group Program

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

– Ken Blanchard

Imagine having interesting discussions with smart people doing great things…

Getting inspired by others who encounter similar challenges in their daily pursuits…

Developing connections that expand your reach, casting a wider net for your success.

For some, the best way to untap your potential as an individual starts in the group. We know this because we’ve seen it happen, time and again.

For 10+ years, the Aspire Community Group Program has helped its members thrive in a collaborative environment, offering classes on the most in-demand skills. These group classes are designed to bring people together to share what they’re learning, and through these discussions, empower each to make better decisions, work more effectively, strengthen relationships, and have clearer conversations– both with others and themselves.

Those who sign-up for the Aspire Community Group Program receive:

  • Participation in virtual group coaching sessions: On relevant topics such as productivity, people issues and business systems.
  • Weekly progress reports: From your coach every week by email to keep you personally involved and accountable to your success.
  • Confidential group discussions: In a supportive, stable group environment – or via class recordings, which are also available.
  • Private coaching discounts: Augment and personalize your program with discounted rates on private coaching sessions with Nahid.

As a member bonus, the following perks are also available to our group clients:

  • Business and self-discovery retreats planned throughout the year for a deeper dive into class concepts and reinvigorate you. (*Included with group program. Travel expenses not included.)
  • Access to our on-line library of more than 300 recorded classes, exercises, and workbooks to keep you motivated and on track.