Networking for Introverts

Networking for Introverts Bootcamp

A guide to networking with confidence and integrity to grow your business or take the next step in your career.

These days more than 80% of job opportunities and new business come from our network. But, with most in-person networking events cancelled and more people looking for work, the professional relationship building landscape has gotten more challenging. Getting out there, even virtually, can be especially tough for introverts. If you shudder at the idea of using inauthentic techniques to reach out to strangers on social media, it may be difficult to find an approach that works for you.

What if there were a way to expand your network productively and authentically that works online or in-person, and is actually enjoyable enough that you’ll stick with it?

In our 12-week Networking Bootcamp, we will walk you through a process that includes:

  • Finding clarity on what you most want and need from networking, and what holds you back when you get stuck.
  • Building a networking system that is aligned with your values, style, and personality.
  • Practicing putting that system into action, with support, until you have a consistent routine that you enjoy.

If you know you need to be out there connecting with people, but find yourself procrastinating, or dragging through it, join our Networking for Introverts Bootcamp to find clarity, motivation, and an enjoyable networking routine that you can easily stick to consistently enough to generate results.

This Program Includes:

-12 weeks of live, 45-minute weekly group classes with Nahid

Program Details

This bootcamp consists of 12 weekly, 45-minute virtual group coaching sessions.

Session Topic Description
Week 1


Orientation and Program Overview The first session will include an overview of the program and an orientation of how we will work together.
Week 2 Networking Strategy We will introduce the networking strategy pyramid and get right to work on your own networking strategy.
Week 3 Building a Referral Network Learn different strategies for building your referral network and build your own plan.
Week 4 Stages of Change Consistency and persistence are key to achieving positive outcomes. We’ll review what you can expect along the path to success.
Week 5 Do Unto Others This session explores the “golden rule” of networking interactions and explores how to ensure positive relationships.
Week 6 Building Your Value Proposition We’ll walk through the process of figuring out your value proposition and getting very clear on how to communicate it to others.
Week 7 Script Building You’ll write scripts for various situations to prevent yourself from feeling awkward in situations outside your comfort zone.
Week 8 Your Practice Routine Building practices you enjoy and will stick to in the longer term without getting drained or losing momentum.
Week 9 Energy and Connection Learn how to notice and manage your energy to build authentic, comfortable relationships.
Week 10 Asking for Referrals Explore how to ask for referrals without neediness or manipulation.
Week 11 Final Project No class – this is a time to work on your final project.
Week 12 Final Project and Capstone In our final session, we’ll review our final projects and share our key takeaways.

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