How Strong Boundaries Improve Work Relationships

On the surface, relationship boundaries may not seem immediately relevant in a professional setting. However, a lack of boundaries is behind many common challenges people face at work. Learning what boundaries are and how to set them in your work relationships is a skill that can greatly improve your effectiveness at work, especially if you […]

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Practical Tools to Improve Mental Fitness

Recently Nahid spoke at the Forum for Applied Neuroscience and led an interactive discussion sharing practical tools you can use immediately to improve your mental fitness and get better results with less stress. Foundational to this process is the NY Times Bestselling book by Shirzad Chamine called Positive Intelligence. It offers a neuroscience-based personal development […]

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Why We Get Triggered: The Secrets of Mental Well-Being Part 4 of 5

Our fourth article in the Secrets of Mental Well-Being series introduces the concept of abundance vs scarcity in our beliefs and how this contributes to getting our needs met and ultimately, our overall mental well-being. We will also provide a simple exercise that will help you trace back where your feelings of abundance and scarcity stem from in your past. These patterns can be used to start reshaping your beliefs and get you on a path of self-development.

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