Why We Get Triggered: The Secrets of Mental Well-Being Part 4 of 5

Our fourth article in the Secrets of Mental Well-Being series introduces the concept of abundance vs scarcity in our beliefs and how this contributes to getting our needs met and ultimately, our overall mental well-being. We will also provide a simple exercise that will help you trace back where your feelings of abundance and scarcity stem from in your past. These patterns can be used to start reshaping your beliefs and get you on a path of self-development.

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The Inner Source of Stress: The Secrets of Mental Well-Being Part 3 of 5

In this third installment of the Secrets of Mental Well-Being series, we are exploring the inner sources of stress using four simple insights based on neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Based on these insights, we will introduce the “trigger log” to take a closer look into your deep-rooted beliefs and begin to understand how this affects getting your needs met on a daily basis.

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Getting Trust Right Part 3: The Three Stages of Trust and How to Influence Them

In this Part 3 of our 3-part blog post, we’re sharing the three stages of trust-building, and how you can navigate these stages with simple and consistent actions. Stage One – Common Ground
The first stage of trust is finding common ground. This is a deliberate attempt to undo the “us-them” bias in our brains. We are always delighted when we realize that we have something in common with another person. If we don’t know them yet, we tend to automatically move them to the “us” category in our minds. But even with someone we already know and firmly dislike, finding common ground tends to have a positive effect.

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