Nahid is certified and experienced in administering both well-known and new, cutting-edge assessment tools for individuals and companies. Assessments are a great way for individuals and groups who are interested in or just beginning a coaching program to understand their current position or situation and can help inform their growth plan moving forward. These tools are also a great way for those who have engaged in a coaching program to take inventory of their growth and develop goals and next steps.


Our most popular assessments include:

The DiSC is a social styles assessment that provides insight into individual differences in how team members focus and communicate when working together. It is especially useful for teams where some individuals butt heads or get repeatedly frustrated with each other and haven’t found a way to improve their relationship. DiSC assessments can be incorporated into a broader communication or leadership development program, or the tool can form the basis of a shorter training for your team.

The MBTI provides deep insight into what makes an individual unique and is an excellent tool for self-discovery. Assessment results uncover your natural thinking style and can inform how to interact with others to get more of what you need to do your job well. It is also an excellent tool to help teams understand how they process information, plan work, make decisions, and communicate differently, and how these differences can impact the work they do together.

The Enneagram is a popular personality assessment that uses nine value categories to wholistically capture and describe our individual, complex personality traits. It provides a deeper understanding of our strengths, triggers and what gets in our way and why. The Enneagram is useful for individuals interested in increasing self-awareness and personal growth work, and for teams who may work well together but want to build a deeper level of trust and psychological safety.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment helps uncover natural talents and strengths, which in turn can help drive personal and professional success. It consists of 34 themes, sorted into 4 domains that categorize your strengths and provides insights into how talents can best be leveraged for success. This assessment can be leveraged for individual growth and success, as well as for building high-performing teams and organizational culture.

We experience ourselves much differently than others experience us. At Nahid Coaching and Mentoring, we employ a variety of 360 Assessments in our work with clients to piece together an accurate picture of how others experience your personality, work style, leadership approach and more. This is critical for leadership development and growth as well as honing communication styles to work with others and guide your team more effectively.

Positive Intelligence is a tool we use to gauge your current level of mental fitness and identify which saboteurs are likely holding you back and creating harmful responses to stress. This assessment and related coaching program build mental resilience and help infuse a sense of ease when encountering personal and professional challenges. It is typically conducted with a group of close friends or teammates in order to maximize the outcomes of the group.

If you are interested in learning more about assessments or would like to find out what might be a good fit for you or your team, please call 714-931-2133 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.

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