Team Dynamics

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

– Henry Ford

A healthy team is built on trust and accountability, and when harnessed correctly, the team dynamic can be very powerful and effective for your organization. Yet, everyone has insecurities and blind spots that may undermine the health of the team overall.  We tend to tolerate these “personality quirks” and do our best to work around them. Let us help you resolve the underlying issues that are holding your team back.

Where We Can Help

It’s important to be able to identify the “pain points” associated with a fragmented team. This is where we can come in and address the following issues:

1. One misunderstanding or personality conflict is bringing the whole team down, distracting everyone, and making it difficult for people to stay focused

2. People seem to be prioritizing differently and pulling / pushing in different directions – or they seem overwhelmed and confused – not knowing how to prioritize

3. People are stressed, and team drama is getting in the way of productivity

How We Address the Problem

Through our Team Dynamic program, it will become painfully clear how damaging it is to sweep these problems under the carpet. We aim to inspire individual team members to take ownership of their growth and courageously lean in to playing their part in helping the team grow to its highest potential.

During these sessions we will:

  • Review leading research and models that show how trust and relationships connect to accountability and results in the highest performing teams.
  • Identify how individual stress and reactionary behavior erodes trust and damages teams
  • Work though a facilitated dialogue that helps the team identify key patterns and issues that threaten to undermine trust, productivity, and performance on the team.

If you want to take your team from good to great but need to resolve some underlying issues either personally or with members of your team, this program is the one for you. We will help you find that line that enables you to delegate effectively while also setting team members up to succeed.

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