Leadership Edge Program

Leadership Edge Program

Our Leadership Edge program is designed for aspiring and experienced leaders who want to improve their effectiveness across the board. This is a one-year, virtual program that can be taken with a group, customized for your team, or included in a personalized leadership program with Nahid.

If you’re experiencing challenges with any of the following, this program is for you:

  • Balancing time between focused work, meetings, and time with your team.
  • Responding to feedback and effectively making changes as a result.
  • Handling team conflict or maximizing a team member’s potential.
  • Motivating your team when they are overworked or stressed out.
  • Interpreting mixed messages or guidance from your own boss or management team.

Key Program Outcomes

Effective time management skills

An understanding of the psychology behind motivation

Clear and effective communication skills

Clarity around your goals and strategy

Culture building toward collaboration and ownership

How to Sign Up or Learn More

Contact Nahid directly at 714-931-2133 or Nahid@CoachNahid.com to learn more about this program and schedule a free consultation.

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