Mental Wellness Dec 2020 – resized

Recently Nahid spoke at the Forum for Applied Neuroscience and led an interactive discussion sharing practical tools you can use immediately to improve your mental fitness and get better results with less stress.

Foundational to this process is the NY Times Bestselling book by Shirzad Chamine called Positive Intelligence. It offers a neuroscience-based personal development operating system designed to empower teams and individuals to achieve their true potential. Having recently trained in this system, Nahid shared what she has learned and will be applying in her new Mental Fitness Bootcamp, including:

  1. An overview of what the system is and how it works.
  2. A deeper look at the neuroscience behind each part of the system.
  3. Free access to a PQ assessment you can take to identify how much your brain is working for or against you on a typical day.
  4. Three practices you start immediately to raise your PQ score, which lowers stress, builds mental fitness, and improves your overall effectiveness.
  5. How coaches, parents, teachers, and all leaders can use this system to be more effective when growing and developing others.

Here is the video from Nahid’s session:

The full recording from the Forum for Applied Neuroscience with Q&A is also available here:

More About the Mental Fitness Bootcamp:

If you’d like to learn more about the Mental Fitness Bootcamp, click here.




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