Using Positive Intelligence to Build Mental Resilience

Using Positive Intelligence to Build Mental Resilience

Mental resilience (a.k.a. mental fitness) is your ability to withstand stress and challenges without getting overly triggered, reactive and drained. It’s critical to your effectiveness as a leader because the people around you pick up on your emotional energy and respond to it. If you exude calm, clear confidence, they feel safe around you, have high trust, and will usually focus on what they need to do. If you exude frustration, irritation, overwhelm or exhaustion, they will not feel safe with you at the helm and begin to worry.

Increased mental fitness improves your performance at work, helps you become a better parent, and improves all your relationships. Above all, improving your mental fitness helps you get happier, spend less time fighting off stress, frustration, distractions and other negativity, and feel more at peace and present!

With all of the benefits of increased mental fitness, one important question remains: how do you improve it? This is where positive intelligence (PQ) comes in.

This introduction to PQ includes a 30-page workbook, 8 companion videos, 2 related blog posts, and additional resources so you can dive deeper.  These tools will help you understand the keys to mental resilience, identify situations that trigger negative reactions, and develop your positive intelligence skills.

Please note: this is an introduction to positive intelligence and is a good first step before deciding if you want to enroll in the bootcamp. If you have already participated in a 6-8 week bootcamp, the information will be repetitive, and instead we recommend taking one of our advanced courses or watching our free 19-video PQ Mastery series.