30-Day Growth Intensive Online Program

30-Day Growth Intensive Online Program

This self-paced program gives you practical tools, tips, and guidance to help increase awareness of your stressors, overcome challenges, and become a more effective and confident leader for both yourself and your organization. This program delivers step-by-step guidance, videos, tools, and assignments spaced out over 30 days. You can choose to work through the program completely at your own pace – in a few intense bursts of effort, spread out over a few days per week, faster or slower, whatever works best for you.

The program includes a 35-page workbook, 11 videos, and daily emails that walk you through each step.

If you want to develop the:

  • Courage to speak up in high-pressure situations without emotions taking over
  • Confidence to be more assertive, share your ideas, and be seen as a strong leader
  • Ability to challenge team members when they are underperforming
  • Total control over your life and workload so you feel more productive, less overwhelmed, and have a better work life balance
  • Unwavering belief in yourself, your ability, and your ambitions
  • Exact tools, templates and frameworks to help you cultivate your inner strength and become the most courageous version of yourself

Then this program is for you!