As I approach my twentieth year working with people to clear away the internal obstacles and conflicts that get in the way of success, I’ve taken some time to sit back and reflect on what this company is about, where we excel, and how we can offer the most value to our clients moving forward.  I have loved surrounding myself with clients and friends who are committed to ongoing growth and development, and growing this business has been as much a personal journey as a career for me.

Along that journey comes continuous change.  I have evolved as a coach, our programs have developed based on client needs, and for this business, change has come in the form of a new brand identity, including a modernized name, logo, website, and refreshed look and feel. I have officially updated the company name to Nahid Coaching & Mentoring. This change is a result of an extensive rebranding effort designed to mirror the success and impact of my business journey.

I’ve always taken a two-leveled approach with my coaching. The top level includes very practical tools and models you can use to deal with situations you are facing right now, like managing your priorities, preparing for a sensitive conversation, or thinking through a business decision. Then, for those clients who are interested, the deeper level delves into the inner conflicts and thinking patterns that hold you back.  Clients who choose to dive into this deep work experience powerful changes over time; they find themselves growing more focused and less stressed.  They have more energy, relationships get easier, and even more exciting, they find themselves more easily taking action in areas where they had previously procrastinated despite their best intentions.

In the past year I realized that if we could develop the same kind of practical tools to guide people through this deeper work, our clients could more quickly and easily identify and change what is getting in their way.  Thus, the Accelerated Growth Program was born with the new brand. It starts with a trigger log, which is easy to fill out and gives you clear clues that guide your journey. With your new insights, you’ll work through the multi-layered belief model, or your own unique “puzzle,” which will explain to you why certain negative behavior patterns have been almost impossible for you to change despite your best efforts, and also shows you the secrets to finally leaving them behind.

We’ve woven these practical tools into a step-by-step program that is tangible and deep at the same time. Last year we ran an initial test on clients from our group program, and those who worked the program found themselves experiencing new insights and transformational breakthroughs within a few short months. Now, we are ready to release it to the public as a complete package for the first time this June.

The new brand and the new program herald a turning point here at Nahid Coaching and Mentoring. Time tested transformational processes that before could only be experienced through long term one-on-one coaching will now be available to more people, in an affordable program, that is easy to follow and provides noticeable changes in just a few months.

Come join our community of professionals committed to personal growth, and feel your confidence increase, your stress decrease, your relationships get better, and your actions take you farther than ever before.


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