Great Leadership – Nov 2019 – Resized

What would you do if you didn’t trust your boss? In a perfect world, your team would give you honest feedback. But put yourself in their shoes… would you say something? Or, would you manage the relationship to the best of your ability and never allow your boss to suspect that something is off?

It’s practically guaranteed that your team will not tell you if you intimidate them, demoralize them, frustrate them, or disempower them. Like many employees, they are almost certainly managing up – and that means they are doing everything in their power to make sure you feel their support and that you enjoy the relationship with them and want to keep them around.

While you can often get valid information on where you currently stand as a leader with a good 360 assessment, the best way to guarantee you are at your best is to continuously work on improving your leadership skill-set, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Great leadership is not something that you can fake. It comes from years of work on self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness and clear, organized thinking. Most people who hold leadership positions are not actually seen as true leaders by their teams, and don’t have the engagement and performance they would like. Whether you are currently in a management role desiring to get better results from your team, or you aspire to move into a leadership position at some point in the future, you can proactively develop your skill-set now.

This week I’d like to share a recording of one of our most popular leadership workshops that hones in on some of the most important skills that make a difference when it comes to leadership. In it, we identify some of the key skills we work on when coaching leaders and provide tips and tools you can use to develop these skills, no matter where you are in your growth.


If you’re interested in further growing your skills as a leader, please reach out and schedule a free consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!


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