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Growth Community Membership

Take charge of your personal development and success with the Growth Community Membership. Every eight weeks, we cover one topic in depth, giving you time to learn, practice, and apply the concepts as you elevate with purpose through each learning cycle. Your monthly membership includes tools, tutorials, and LIVE coaching to support your progress.

Your development journey encompasses a variety of relevant topics spanning productivity, communication, relationships, strategy, self-discovery, and well-being, so you continuously experience comprehensive and balanced improvement to grow into the best version of you!

Do You Find Yourself:
  • Feeling stagnant in your current position and unsure if your career is giving you what you need?
  • Wanting to build confidence and take charge of your growth and success?
  • Longing for mentoring to help you get the respect you deserve to feel seen and valued at work?
  • Desiring the assurance to speak up and develop a stronger leadership presence?
  • Needing to elevate yourself and create a stronger, more compelling personal brand?

If any of these sound like challenges you’ve experienced, this membership is for you!

Membership Benefits
  • Continuous, intentional growth and improvement.
  • Tools, tutorials, and live coaching sessions.
  • Access to the experiences of others outside your industry to work through your challenges.
  • A team of confidantes to help you process your questions and ideas.
  • Expanding your professional network with people from companies and industries you might not gain exposure to otherwise.
  • Knowledge that you are not alone in some of what you are dealing with and seeing how others have dealt with similar experiences.
  • A completely customized program teaching skills that are valuable and tangible in everyday personal and professional settings.

Monthly Membership

$79 per month

Your monthly membership includes tools, tutorials, and LIVE coaching to support your progress. Cancel at the end of any 8-week learning cycle.

Annual Membership

$948 for the year

Your annual membership includes tools, tutorials, and LIVE coaching to support your progress through 6 learning cycles. Cancel anytime after 12 months.

What You Can Expect

Practical Tools: Each learning cycle includes a workbook and companion video that walks you through the exercises step by step. You are never required to do any part of the workbook that doesn’t feel relevant to you.

Purposeful Application: You get to design your own application and practice from the exercises, fitting it into your schedule and life in a way that aligns with your needs, values, and interest.

LIVE Support: Each learning cycle includes three live, virtual sessions with Nahid where we discuss the concepts in more depth, share experiences and best practices, answer members’ questions, and examine challenges.

Accountability: You’ll also be able to work in small groups or with a partner for additional support and accountability.

Reflection: As each learning cycle winds down, you’ll debrief on your practice, reflect on what you’ve learned, and take a deep breath of satisfaction and self-acknowledgment before transitioning to our next topic.

Annual Themes

January / February: Goal Setting and Planning
March / April: Productivity and Organizational Systems
May / June: Relationships and Communication
July / August: Mental Resilience, Wellness, Happiness
September / October: Leadership and Business Strategy
November / December: Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Next Topic

May / June 2023:
Giving Effective Feedback

July / August 2023:
Using Positive Intelligence to Build Mental Resilience


Nahid has been instrumental in keeping me focused, on target, and helping me grow as a business owner. Her psychology and business background together have helped me more than words can express.

Ellen Clark, President and Founder, Control Corrective Skincare, Ellen Clark International

Nahid’s combined education in business and psychology makes her especially adept at navigating any challenges, and she always provides a tangible tool for you to take away, whether that be for your career or life growth needs.

Kathy Shute, Senior Director, Program Operations, Cross Country Healthcare/WSG

Nahid has that ability to balance an understanding of resistance and persisting through change. The three core attributes – deep knowledge, high integrity and creativity – really define her. As a bonus, she is a pleasure to work with.

Susan Medwied, Business Attorney, Attorney at Law

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the membership, and what format is it?

It is a monthly membership program designed in eight-week theme blocks or learning cycles. The course content and tools are delivered through a mix of workbooks, videos, and live sessions for discussion and support.

Who is this membership for?

The Growth Community Membership is designed to help you work intentionally on your personal development, one aspect at a time, with guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way! Whether you simply want to build more confidence, are aspiring to a leadership role, or need to feel more balanced in life by developing your skills and mindset, this membership is for you.

Is this membership for women only?

No! The Growth Community Membership topics and exercises are comprised of concepts and tools that are applicable to everyone at any stage of their lives and careers. All are welcome to participate.

What problems will the Growth Community Membership help me overcome?

The Growth Community Membership provides tools to build confidence and life skills so you can grow more confident, enjoy, and lean into challenges – both in the workplace and at home – more effectively.

Can I cancel my membership if it’s not for me?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.