Getting Time to Focus

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Getting time to focus

From the broad theme of Productivity and Organizational Systems, we will drill down and explore the topic of Getting Time to Focus.

For this topic, we have several tools, classes and resources to help you:

  • improve your ability to focus
  • set aside more time to focus
  • elevate your personal brand through control and poise

Getting TIme to Focus

Focus Workbook

In this workbook, you’ll find more than 20 pages of insights and exercises, as well as practice worksheets and scripts, weekly debrief questions and practice logs. Click the image below to download the workbook.

Companion Video

In this 25-minute tutorial, Nahid explains the purpose of each section of the focus workbook and how to get the most value from it as you work through it. Click the image below to play the video.

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Blog #1

Framing Focus Time – Sometimes, no matter how diligently we block off focus time on our calendars, we can’t stick to it because, despite our best intentions, we get pulled away by interruptions, crises, or worry. Framing your focus time is a way to protect it from all these things and improves your chance of getting the most out of these precious minutes. Learn how the useful technique of “framing” works and helps us teach others to not interrupt us.

Blog #2

Tips for Staying Focused When Everything Pulls You Away – Focus is a critical part of doing excellent work, yet most of us feel it’s necessary to multi-task, and many of us may even believe we work better this way. Handling multiple priorities is definitely an important skill, but the ability to balance frenzied work with time for calm, deep thinking work sets apart those who are truly effective. Here are things that most often get in the way of focus and solutions for how to handle them.

Bonus Resources

If you are intrigued by what focusing more can do for you, and would like to do some more reading, I recommend Deep Work by Cal Newport. In this book, Cal highlights how rare and valuable the skill of deep concentration is these days, and compels you to think about what learning how to focus can do for your personal and organizational competitive position.

He then shares a methodology to prime your brain for deep work, and includes several approaches such as meditating during unproductive time and setting up routines that support your concentration. Here is a 7-minute video I like that nicely summarizes the book.