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Boundaries for Business Owners

May 18, 2022: 11:30am – 12:00pm PST

Normally when we think of boundaries we think of personal relationships, but if your business is demanding more than you can give or causing you anxiety, then you can use the same principles to get the emotional space you need and become happier and more effective as a result. In business, we usually see boundaries issues in these areas:

  1. The sales process seems infinite and never ending, yet causes an enormous amount of stress. If you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding your sales activities, it’s often a sign that you need some emotional insulation, which good boundaries can provide.
  2. We often find ourselves standing up to everyone but our clients. When clients don’t treat us well, we often accept the pain as part of the process. But customers who walk all over you aren’t any more loyal than those whom you’ve created mutually respectful relationships with. Developing strong boundaries with your clients can actually increase the quality of your service and the appreciation you get for it.
  3. The first people we hire in our businesses can be a huge relief, but as your team grows, you may find yourself spending more time dealing with people issues that you expected. Getting team members to take ownership, mediating conflict, and spending months training someone only to lose them can become exhausting. Having good boundaries with your team can give you more freedom and support while also setting them up to thrive.

In this “Boundaries for Business Owners” workshop, we’ll lay out basic boundary-setting principles and show you how to apply them to business situations. Join us for an enlightening and productive conversation!

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