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Working Business Plan

Free Virtual Workshop
February 15, 2023
11:30am-12:00pm PST

Normal business plans often don’t work because they take too long to write, and by the time you have finished writing it, everything has changed.

Every week, new information and learning outdates even the most recent planning, and most successful business leaders must continually adapt, flex and pivot to keep up with the changes. Yet working with no plans at all makes it impossible to know your priorities and make effective progress.

Our Working Business Plan is designed to flex and adapt with you as you go. It is always in draft format and includes sections for you to revisit every month to update with new learning, analyze the impact of what has changed, and adjust your action plans accordingly.

Make plans to join us for this workshop where we’ll introduce our newly updated 2023 Working Business Plan template, walk you through the sections, and provide you with a tool you can use to create a plan that works for you and with you!