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Rethinking Your Strategy

When was the last time you thought about your business strategy? Do you depend on your organization to hand down strategic objectives? Even if developing strategy is not a regular part of your job, strategic thinking is a key skill that companies look for when identifying and promoting leaders, so it’s worth investing some time […]

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Leadership and Parenting: How to Leverage the Similarities to Get Better At Both

You may have noticed how eerily similar the drama at work can mirror family dynamics at home. If so, you aren’t imagining things. We tend to replicate the kinds of relationships we had when we were younger, especially when we are experiencing stress or conflict. So, you may sometimes feel that your direct reports treat […]

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Dealing with a Controlling Boss

Feedback Unscripted 1 of 9 In honor of our Learning Cycle Topic of Giving Effective Feedback, my friend and colleague, Angela Fucci, agreed to spend some time on zoom with me role-playing “good” and “bad” attempts at handling a variety of common feedback situations. We laughed, stumbling through some of the awkward conversations, and then […]

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