Selling Yourself

How Strong Boundaries Improve Work Relationships

On the surface, relationship boundaries may not seem immediately relevant in a professional setting. However, a lack of boundaries is behind many common challenges people face at work. Learning what boundaries are and how to set them in your work relationships is a skill that can greatly improve your effectiveness at work, especially if you […]

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Strengthen Your Executive Presence in an Authentic Way

As we gain work and life experience, it’s very natural to want to offer guidance and suggestions to others when we see an opportunity for improvement. Yet others may not want our advice – and instead prefer to solve their own problems and create positive outcomes in their work and their lives. If you put yourself in their shoes, you can usually see how well-meaning suggestions can often backfire.

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Negotiating a Raise – How to Prepare

If you are uncomfortable asking for money, it may be partly because you aren’t sure how to show your value. Most people make the mistake of seeing their pay as an indication of how much the company values them personally, which turns the discussion of compensation into a painful assessment of their self-worth. But if you can think of “yourself” as separate from the value you provide your organization, it’s easier to take a realistic look at your work and present a solid case for a raise.

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