Professional Transition

Strengthen Your Executive Presence in an Authentic Way

As we gain work and life experience, it’s very natural to want to offer guidance and suggestions to others when we see an opportunity for improvement. Yet others may not want our advice – and instead prefer to solve their own problems and create positive outcomes in their work and their lives. If you put yourself in their shoes, you can usually see how well-meaning suggestions can often backfire.

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Can an Individual Performer Also Be a Leader?

“I’m told that I need to become more authentic as a leader. Can you show me how to do that?” Barry was a handsome, polished, well-mannered young man, impeccably dressed, conscious of every detail related to his image. He had worked hard on branding himself within his organization. He never lost control emotionally, his words were precise, and he deftly managed corporate politics and tricky negotiations.

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How to add value in a new job without alienating the natives

The first several months of a new job can be incredibly stressful as you work hard to make a good impression and show your new employer that they made a good hiring decision. But sometimes trying too hard can backfire and your efforts end up alienating the very people you are trying to impress. Here is a story of how one manager navigated this tricky terrain.

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