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Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

One of the common misconceptions in business is that in order to be a great leader you must be charismatic and extroverted. While it is true that charismatic individuals can more easily sway others to their way of thinking, studies show that introverts have several advantages when it comes to leadership:Introverts are Better at Listening: A leader who listens actually hears and considers the ideas of team members instead of overwhelming everyone with his or her own perspective. This leads to better decision making. Just as important, team members feel more relevant and engaged.

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Your Life Plan

As a leader with your team, as a parent with your kids, or in any close personal relationship, you will experience periods where you feel drained, anxious, or exhausted when it comes to managing the relationship.

Our culture even prizes the notion of being able to handle highly-stressful work settings, treating it like a desirable work skill.

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