The Power of Humility in Leadership

What is the power of humility? Why is it important in leadership? And how do you develop the kind of humility that makes you a better leader? These are tougher questions than you might imagine because humility, like authenticity, is a characteristic. You probably already know someone who talks about authenticity a lot but doesn’t seem authentic at all. Humility is even harder. Well it was for me at least. First, the concept is pretty hard to get.  We know that confidence is actually one of the most important qualities of a leader, and on the surface humility seems to be almost the opposite of confidence.

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How Getting Organized Impacted my Business

One day about two years ago, I decided to find out how much the clutter in my office was costing me. The answer amazed me. After a few days working with a professional organizer, I immediately increased my monthly income by about 50%. And if you can imagine anything better than that – my stress level dropped to almost nothing. What I learned about organizing has made a huge impact in my business and my life. Here are five things I learned about the value and process of organizing that were key to achieving such amazing results.

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