Author: Nahid Casazza

Building a Culture of Engagement

When employees are engaged they get a personal sense of fulfillment from achieving objectives and / or doing their work well. It can be anything from “winning”, to being seen as valuable, to feeling pride in mastering a project or pulling a team together to accomplish something exciting. External incentives and consequences such as: winning trips, getting monetary bonuses, or getting scolded for not achieving an objective, all influence behavior to a degree, but when the desire comes from within, there is an unlimited supply of energy driving success.

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Your Life Plan

As a leader with your team, as a parent with your kids, or in any close personal relationship, you will experience periods where you feel drained, anxious, or exhausted when it comes to managing the relationship.

Our culture even prizes the notion of being able to handle highly-stressful work settings, treating it like a desirable work skill.

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Procrastination: Learning from it, Moving through it – and Easily Overcoming it!

Whenever we make changes, either personally or professionally, we are going to run into tasks that are uncomfortable. They may seem simple on the surface, but because they are new, they take more time and energy. The good news is that once you get yourself moving and actually do the tasks a few times, they slowly get easier, more comfortable, less fraught with conflict, and they start taking less time and less energy.

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How to add value in a new job without alienating the natives

The first several months of a new job can be incredibly stressful as you work hard to make a good impression and show your new employer that they made a good hiring decision. But sometimes trying too hard can backfire and your efforts end up alienating the very people you are trying to impress. Here is a story of how one manager navigated this tricky terrain.

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How to Deal with a Micro-Managing Boss

Bosses are tough to deal with in general. They represent authority, and they often bring back memories of what we hated most in our relationships with our parents and teachers growing up. The micro-managing boss is especially hard to handle if you are creative, innovative, and want to make a contribution of your own in an organization. But since quite a few people in management positions fit this profile, chances are you will end up with one at some point in your career. Here are some tips to help you get the space you need to thrive.

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My Job Drains Me, But I’m Afraid to Leave

If you are working in a draining environment, you may be tempted to quit so you have time and energy to move forward. But unfortunately, that extra time will be replaced with panic if you don’t have a source of income to keep you comfortably afloat for at least a year. When I work with people who are panicking about running out of money, it is difficult for them to be confident during interviews, and they tend to take the first opportunity that provides income, whether it’s a good fit or not. Which may put you in a worse position than you were in before.

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Four Stages of Decisive Change

You have a dream or a fantasy that you flirt with from time to time in your head. You wonder whether you should try to make it happen. You wonder if you have what it takes. Then you forget about it. For a long period of time – could be months or years, ideas pop in and out of your head. You may even have spurts of energy where you gather information or start moving forward, but they are very short lived. Throughout all of this you feel uncertain. The stage ends when you decide for certain that you will at least give it a shot.

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