Author: Nahid Casazza

The Hypervigilant Saboteur

One of the most relevant and powerful topics we explore in our Mental Fitness Bootcamp is around the hypervigilant saboteur – it’s one of nine saboteurs we work to break down. This one, in particular, is very relevant to many of our clients. In less than 15 minutes, the video below explains why constant anxiety […]

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Making Decisions with Confidence

Do you make decisions quickly and confidently, or do you agonize over different scenarios while others wait on you, sometimes missing chances to move forward on important work? Maybe you make one impulsive decision after another, only to keep changing your mind, and leave everyone around you spinning. Effective decision-making is one of the key […]

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How to Benefit from Bad Experiences

We all experience our fair share of annoying, unexpected obstacles and decisions that need to be made throughout the day, disrupting what we intend to be a productive and smooth flow of work. While these types of interruptions generally cannot be avoided (and tend to arise at exactly the wrong time), there is a strategy for turning them into a more positive experience.

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Understanding & Leveraging Your Strengths

Our latest blog post highlights the power of the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and how it can be a gamechanger in your relationships, career and business. You’ll read about how my personal assessment uncovered strengths I didn’t even realize qualified as such, and learn how once you have these insights, you can leverage them to increase the value of your personal brand and work more effectively as an individual and in teams.

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How the Hyper-Achiever Hampers Achievement

Do you consider yourself an overachiever? If so, do you consider this characteristic a strength or a weakness in your work life? Being an overachiever may sound ambitious and carry a positive connotation for some, however, the belief system and inner experience of many overachievers is actually self-defeating.

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