Accelerated Growth

“Be quick, but don’t hurry.”

– John Wooden

If you’re looking for a quick path with long-term benefits, our Accelerated Growth Program maximizes your development by identifying the root source of the issues in your life – the core of your pattern. While many programs address surface level issues or symptoms for temporary relief, we know how to pinpoint what’s at the core. You’ll discover that your work in this space touches and permeates all aspects of your life and translates to permanent outcomes.

The Accelerated Growth Program helps you see things that were invisible before:

  • Identify the real source of your stress, and how to reduce that stress by 70 – 80% within months
  • Find out what’s behind your most frustrating self-defeating behavior patterns, whether it be procrastination, people-pleasing, not communicating clearly enough – or anything else that might be getting in your way
  • Uncover your deepest beliefs, needs, and thinking patterns and how they influence every aspect of your life

The Accelerated Growth Program helps you change things you haven’t been able to change before:

  • Learn what drives your automatic behavior patterns at the core and re-program your brain at the source, creating habitual behaviors that serve you
  • Notice things that used to feel elusive coming to you more easily, including money, relationships, time and peace
  • Discover an authentically attractive energy about you, finding that people want to hear from you and be with you, while giving you the respect and space to be yourself

The Accelerated Growth Program helps you grow in powerful ways that change your life:

  • Feel ten times more confident, and easily take action on things that you shied away from just months ago
  • Become less drained and bothered by people who used to frustrate you – and have sensitive conversations without the drama
  • Develop a new ease to your life and begin to accomplish things that took too much energy in the past
  • Find others to be more cooperative, be told that you are a good leader, and find it easy to focus on what matters while letting other distractions go

This three-month program provides the resources needed to create change and see an impact in your life immediately through:

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