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What’s Included?

Course Overview

Leadership Mastery for Women is an online course that takes place over 30-days. Day by day, you’ll slowly overcome the emotional triggers and mindset that has been holding you back, helping you to transform your presence at work and fulfill your potential as the business leader you were born to be.


Intro, Obstacles and Triggers

We’ll set the right foundation from the start by giving you a “Trigger Log” that will help you gain valuable insights about yourself and guide your growth. We look at the “Obstacles Model” to see how you might be getting stuck, and introduce some practical tools to help you handle short-term situations.

Welcome video and Trigger Log

Leadership Skills Framework and reflection questions

Obstacles Model and reflection questions

Practicing Skills at a New Level

You’ll continue on your journey of self-discovery, comparing your best and worst moments and how you respond in those situations. We’ll practice perspective shifting using what we call the “Balloon Model” to help diffuse emotionally charged conflicts, and then provide the tools to give constructive, effective feedback once you're in a neutral state of mind.

Comparison Log

The Balloon Model and perspective shifting

Giving Feedback worksheets and scripts


Review Your Growth and Start a New Journey

As you near the end of the program, you’ll discover the cause of virtually all miscommunication, the power of our underlying beliefs and how they can become self-fulfilling prophecies, and we’ll teach you the “Pareto Principle” to help you prioritize working on what matters most.

The Dynamics of a Reaction and the cause of miscommunication

Return on Energy Tool and further reading materials

Money & Beliefs and the power of beliefs



I used to feel drained by the energy required to manage different personalities and conflicts at work, as well as high stress family situations. But now I find myself able to set strong boundaries and feel peaceful inside as I resolve people issues quickly and confidently, which gives me more energy to enjoy life and embark on new ventures, such as my current business.

Patricia Sobczak

PhD, Founder, Celebrate Now!

About Nahid

Meet Nahid Casazza


Nahid is the owner of Nahid Coaching & Mentoring, where she works with clients individually and in small groups to grow more effective as business leaders and independent professionals. She focuses on four critical areas of development: organization, communication, self-awareness, and leadership.

Prior to starting her business in 2002, Nahid spent fifteen years in the high-tech industry, where she was inspired by entrepreneurial leaders who built high-trust cultures that naturally drove performance and results.

Nahid has a Master’s in Business from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Michigan State University and is a Board Certified Coach.

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Leadership Mastery for Women is a course that's been designed for women in business who want a proven and reliable framework to become more confident and effective leaders. Whether you're aspiring to a leadership role, simply want to build more confidence, have recently been promoted, or have been in a leadership role for a while and want to continue developing your skills and mindset, this course is for you.

No! Leadership Mastery for Women is designed with female leaders in mind, but the concepts and tools taught in this course are applicable to everyone at any stage of their career. All are welcome to participate.

Leadership Mastery provides tools to build confidence and reduce anxiety so you can enjoy and lean into challenges more effectively. Increased awareness of how you currently handle stress, pointing to specific shifts you can make to improve your effectiveness in the short term, as well as grow more confident and effective over time .

Generally we do not offer refunds on this course because all of the course content, workbook and videos are provided upon purchase. If you are having trouble accessing any of the content or working through the course, we would be happy to connect with you directly to get you back on track. Otherwise, if you are dissatisfied with the course content, we may be able to offer you a credit toward personal coaching or another program.

It is designed to be a 30-day course that can also be completed at your own pace -- faster or slower. The course content and tools are delivered through a mix of videos, worksheet-based exercises, and written content.

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9   Training Videos with Nahid

3   Expert Articles

24   Worksheets and Exercises

FREE   30-minute consultation with Nahid

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Gain practical tools to help improve your productivity and work organization

Learn the dynamics that are behind miscommunication and politics

Handle tricky conversations with more poise and confidence

Discover the thinking patterns that increase your stress; empower yourself to shift quickly to a calmer, more confident inner state

Consciously develop your personal brand by choosing your most effective responses to challenges

Instill an unwavering sense of belief in yourself and your ambitions so you can continue on your career path and achieve even more success and fulfillment

If so, you’re not alone

I’ve been working with corporate leaders, small business owners, aspiring professionals and everyone in between for over 20 years.

It’s common for women (and men) of all ages to experience mental and emotional blocks, at every stage of their career, that prevent them from achieving the career success and fulfillment they long for and deserve.

How we can help

Leadership Mastery for Women is a 30-day online course that equips you for success by giving you the tools, frameworks and actionable steps you need to develop a powerful leadership mindset, transform your presence at work, and unleash your potential as a confident and successful business leader.

Whether it’s managing stress, becoming more assertive, or accessing greater emotional intelligence to connect more authentically with colleagues, this course helps you develop exceptional leadership skills and maximize your growth potential while navigating your unique set of challenges and pursuits.


The courage to speak up in high-pressure situations without emotions taking over?

The confidence to be more assertive, share your ideas, and be seen as a strong leader?

The strength to challenge team members when they are underperforming?

Total control over your life and workload so you feel more productive, less overwhelmed, and have a better work life balance?

Unwavering belief in yourself, your ability, and your ambitions?

The exact tools, templates and frameworks to help you cultivate your inner strength and become the most courageous version of yourself?

Are you ready to become a highly impactful  leader?

Experience the transformative course that’s helping women find their courage, power and purpose so they can achieve their highest potential and become the impactful leaders they long to be.