Team Communication

Communication Programs for Teams

Communication for Teams

With diverse personalities and work styles, people don’t naturally come together as an effective team without some degree of conscious effort.  Working on communication and effective collaboration is an important first step. Our communication programs for teams typically include an assessment or practical tool that the team can immediately apply in their work together. This can either be worked into your current offsite schedule or offered as a series of virtual meetings, which offers the advantage of ongoing follow-up, feedback and accountability as the team practices and ingrains what they have learned.

Our communication programs help teams overcome the following challenges:

  • Misunderstandings or personality conflicts among team members that they seem reluctant to resolve on their own
  • Reduced productivity or excessive rework and redundancies due to miscommunication or lack of communication
  • Disengagement or lack of motivation among some team members negatively affecting others
  • Excessive time spent in meetings trying to resolve recurring issues

Communication Programs Key Outcomes

Higher awareness and respect for individual differences

More productive dialogue and decision making around shared responsibilities

Shared language and models that can be used to resolve misunderstandings

Higher trust and shared meaning, leading to higher engagement

Higher productivity enabled by fewer conflicts and more streamlined communication

How to Sign Up or Learn More

Contact Nahid directly at 714-931-2133 or to learn more about this program and schedule a free consultation.

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